Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure where to start?  Simply Downsized sets you on a path to an efficient and lower stress home transition.

How does it work?

Think of us as a general contractor for your home transition. We send a professional downsizing coordinator to meet with you to learn the specifics of your project. We deliver a written plan that includes a timeline and a hand-picked team of vetted professionals to help.  Then, we stay in touch to monitor your progress from start to finish.

Will you manage my entire project?

Our Custom Plan includes regular follow-ups to make sure your project is on track. However, we recognize that some people may need additional assistance with decision-making, communication and hands-on help.  We offer this type of detailed project management on an hourly or project basis, depending on your needs. 

How much does it cost?

When you allow us to refer you to a quality Realtor® in your area, there is NO COST for the plan, timeline and custom list of recommended professionals.*  We also offer services at a reasonable flat fee  or on an hourly basis.  

Am I required to hire the people or businesses you recommend?

We design a custom solution and choose options we believe will provide you with the best possible experience, and will frequently pass along discounts or other incentives as well.  However, each of our business partners operate independently of Simply Downsized, and the decision to hire them is yours.

How do you vet the businesses you recommend?

We conduct personal interviews, check for a valid business license and current insurance, review at least one recent customer experience, and determine federal background check status.

*Our Preferred Real Estate Partners pay us a referral fee that covers the cost of the Custom Planning Package for our shared clients.  Referrals are made possible by Keller Williams Metro Center in Arlington, Virginia.  If you have a Real Estate Agent in mind or would like us to refer you one, we partner with real estate agents throughout the region, regardless of their brokerage affiliation.

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